Friday, December 28, 2012

Lord, Give me Patience...

Patience is eluding me today, and I don't have the solution. I think the goal of my boys today is to make the most noise and the biggest mess that they possibly can.

 Moments ago I found myself getting angry. I was doing my morning bible reading and the noise wouldn't stop. I was getting angry with my boys while holding my bible in my hands. So I decided to find a verse about a patient parent, I'm sure there is one somewhere, but all I came across today were verses about God's patience.

 He's been so patient with me. 30 years now he's been waiting for me. 15 years he waited for me to get saved, then another 12 years to wait for me to truly give my heart to him. He's patient on the days I don't pray and he loves me anyway. He's patient when I do pray but still don't listen. He's patient even though I am a horrible sinner who doesn't deserve his patience. Out of love he sent his son to die for us even though we never deserved it.

My boys have made some noise, they've broken some toys, they've even been outright disrespectful and disobedient. But they haven't done anything to not deserve my love. I will pray to Him today to give me just a tiny bit of that love and patience so I can pass it on to my boys. I can use this day as an opportunity to train them and help them grow with God's help.

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