Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I'm not really the new years resolution type. I believe that we can change any time we want, and we shouldn't wait for the beginning of a new year.

That said there are a few things I really want to do this year.

First is Eat only foods I enjoy!  

I know that seems like a silly diet plan. But hear me out please. I've been dieting off and on for about 20 years (that means since I was 10). It doesn't work. I can't deprive myself. So I'm going to make myself happy. I'm going to eat foods that I enjoy how they taste, and how they make me feel. Mostly healthy proteins and carbs that will give me more energy. 

Second is Be less selfish, put Scott's needs ahead of my own. 

I need to let go of my resentment, and trust Scott to be the husband and provider that God blessed me with. Because I know he will do it. 

Third is Pray more with my kids.

I've done pretty good at my own prayer routine. Now I need to get my kids on a prayer routine. I think it will be a great gift to them as they grow up. We'll start off with bedtime prayers. More on that tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great new years eve, and a blessed 2013! Have fun and be safe!

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